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AN AUDIO THRILLER, BASED UPON A SHORT STORY BY STEPHEN KING, this 2020 Dollar Baby production, created as an audio thriller (42:05) stars Kenneth Wayne Bradley (Troop Zero), Ken Webster (Waking Life) and Heath Allyn (Triple Six)

Cinema through your headphones. A movie for your mind.  

A Texas businessman and his strong-willed wife head for Las Vegas to rekindle their relationship. An underworld element kidnaps the wife and forces the husband to play twisted games to get her back.

Starring Joe Stevens, John Hall, June Griffin Garcia, Kenneth Wayne Bradley, Arwen Tedhams and Shavonne Conroy.


U.S. Federal Agents along with Mexican Federales, are pulled into a search mission for a synthetic drug created in Mexico.

They discover that the cartel is actually manufacturing lethal parasites, only to get caught up in a village where every living being is affected by the drug.

JOURNEYMAN - coming soon

Jack Thayer gets the chance to go back in time and relive a fight from high school. But things don’t go according to plan.

Journeyman is a A.M.P.A.S. Nicholl Fellowship Finalist

Top 11 out of 6000 entries

ROLL OF THE DIE - Audiobook

If you enjoyed the characters and world of TRIPLE SIX.

From the dark corners of Atlantic City to the Las Vegas underworld, ROLL OF THE DIE is another story in this universe. 

An unabridged audiobook.

Length: 8 hours and 48 minutes.

Written by Sean Patrick Bridges and narrated by professional voice actor Bob Dunsworth.

Click here for more information and a 3:00 minute audio sample.