Book cover artwork for my new novel, being published by The Wild Rose Press. GUNBARREL HIGHWAY. 

It will be available as a paperback, e-book and an audio book version, read by the author. 

Here’s the blurb for the novel: 

Texas trophy wife Claudia Grant dies after she causes an early morning car accident. In the other vehicle, Daniel Morrison, an attorney struggling with a pending divorce and pill addiction, panics and leaves the scene.

The victim’s husband, congressional candidate Hayden Grant, is a corrupt politician who seizes the opportunity and places a million-dollar reward on Morrison’s capture. Dead or alive.

Daniel is on the run. Roya Navarro, a determined San Antonio police detective is hot on his trail with local law enforcement, county sheriffs, a hungry journalist, and trigger-happy citizens all across the Lone Star state out on the hunt for the bounty.


Teaser art for our latest production. PARASITE ZERO. It’s a chapter by chapter audio book brought to life with a full cast of voice actors.

U.S. Federal Agents along with Mexican Federales are pulled into a search mission for a synthetic drug created in Mexico.

They discover that the cartel is actually manufacturing lethal parasites, only to get caught up in a village where every living being is affected by the drug.


Here’s the ONE FOR THE ROAD poster art, with our festival awards and laurels added.  

Our Stephen King Dollar Baby production continues to find an audience. 

ONE FOR THE ROAD is an Official Selection at the SAFF. 

From Blanco, TX to Sydney Australia. Our Dollar Baby continues to ripple far and wide. Congratulations to our Cast & Crew. 

A detailed review / overview of our audio production. 

Sean Patrick Bridges discusses his thriller Triple Six, writing and amassing material, dealing with the frustrations of Hollywood, the trap of Las Vegas, and audio drama as the new indie film scene.

Triple Six is available on most major podcast platforms, or directly from

ONE FOR THE ROAD was selected as an Audio Production Finalist. 

I was very pleased to be able to do this interview with the Stephen King international fan club about our Dollar Baby.
They’re based out of Argentina but the reach is global.

Very sharp to connect with this fan base and talk about our production. Plus I got to geek out a bit. Ripples in the water. Hope the interview spreads far and wide.

ONE FOR THE ROAD is an Official Selection and Nominee as the Best Web Series/TV Series for the 2021/2022 Continental Film Festival in Munich, Germany.

Our first international hit for our audible Stephen King Dollar Baby.  Excited to share the news and laurel with cast & crew. 

ONE FOR THE ROAD is an Official Selection for the 2021 Silicon Beach Film Festival in Los Angeles CA.

Our audible Stephen King Dollar Baby will play at the historic Grauman’s Chinese Movie Palace on Hollywood Boulevard, and be available to stream on the Roku Channel from Oct 1-7.

Excited to share the news and laurel with cast & crew. 

Our audio production of the Stephen King dollar baby is a Gold Medal winner for the 2021 Hear NOW Audio Fiction & Arts Festival. 

Selected in January 2020 to be a Stephen King ‘Dollar Baby’.

Here’s a link to an article about the Dollar Baby program.

We were approved to create a production based on the author’s short story, ONE FOR THE ROAD.


A spotlight on Audible Parade, along with a discussion about audio production, making headway in this industry and connecting to San Antonio and central Texas.

Highlights TRIPLE SIX, our cast & crew, the audio story landscape and a road towards future productions.

Quotes from TRIPLE SIX creator Sean Patrick Bridges featured on the A.F.F. Podcast Programming site. 


TRIPLE SIX – Episode 01 is an Official Selection for the 5th annual festival in Canterbury, England 


Writer / Director Sean Patrick Bridges talks to a group in central Texas.

The conversation focused on the blossoming world of Audio Stories.

Q&A went into greater detail in creating a series of audible productions, utilizing local businesses and working with an array of professional talent from across the state. 


TRIPLE SIX is an Official Selection for the 7th Annual HEAR Now Festival held in Kansas City, Missouri. 

TRIPLE SIX, Episodes 01 & 02, selected as Silver Level Winners for the 7th Annual HEAR Now Audio Fiction Festival. 

Old Timey Radio Broadcasts Make a Comeback — Newspaper article on Audible Parade and the production of TRIPLE SIX at Los Senderos Studios in Blanco, Texas.