Sean Patrick Bridges

Director / Writer

Sean is the author of ON THE BAYOU, CHAINSAW CAROUSEL, ROLL OF THE DIE and 11:34

He Produced and Directed OUT OF MANY: ONE STRUGGLE FOR EDUCATION about school kids getting a second chance in Kingston, Jamaica. And 20/20 VISION, a look at the development of a global financial hub in Port of Spain, Trinidad. 

About Audible Parade, Sean said, “This is a wonderful way to bring scripts and stories to life. An audio book is usually one voice. Here we have full casts working their scenes together. Combine that with music, sound FX and a combination of backgrounds and you create movies for your mind. A vibrant cinematic experience right through your headphones.”  

Heather Bridges

Executive Producer / Editor

Heather has lived throughout the U.S and Europe. She’s a certified Montessori teacher; a licensed Yoga Instructor and a full-time mother to her family and a pair of Missouri Fox Trotter rescue horses named Doc & Wyatt.   

June Griffin Garcia

Casting Director / Voice Actor

June Griffin Garcia is a bilingual casting director and talent manager, currently casting US talent for a Mexican network. Her skills and connections are vital in bringing together the perfect cast for our audio productions.

She’s cultivated a strong reputation with the Texas creative community, as a constantly working multilingual actress.        

Larry Seiler

Editor / Sound Engineer

A graduate from the University of Texas – Austin with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Masters Degree in Enviornmental Management from the University of Houston, Larry is the owner and recording engineer for Los Senderos Studio in Blanco, Texas.

He’s a skilled editor and a gracious host. He’s a wizard with the decks and mics and he’s excellent at making the project sound top notch.  

Los Senderos Studio, Blanco, TX

A wonderful oasis in the middle of the Texas Hill Country, Los Senderos Studio consists of a small control room, a live room, and an isolation or vocal booth.

The control room is set up for digital recording, with a mixer, preamps, and other signal processing equipment. It is used primarily for controlling the recording process, but it can be used for recording vocals, solo instruments, or for voice over work, making overdubs, mixing (both rough and final), and mastering.

Andy Johnson @ Grayson Designs (Grayson Johnson)

Poster artwork. Cover artwork. Artist and designer for novels, stories, dvd/cd art, teaser/promo images, tee-shirts

Graphic Artist: Frederick MD

Click Here for Contact Info and Work Experience

Ryan Lawrence (Ryan Law)

Photographer / Graphic Designer / Voice Actor

Designed the Triple Six audio prodution poster art, trailer artwork and Ep 01 artwork.

11:34 novel, cover artwork (front & back). 

On-site photographer. driver, wrangler, and voice actor. 

Kell Bell Catering, Spring Branch TX

Catering & Craft Services  


Amy Leon

Web Designer / Graphic Designer

Riley Denbo, Max & Luna

Our dedicated dog friends, ready to roll. 

Behind the scenes

June & Sean talking audio at the AFF
Triple Six at Buffalo Billiards (Austin, TX)
A perfect place to work, that feels like play
Setting up a promo pic
Let's get everyone in on this shot
Heather & Larry at the mixing board